One time I met Kanye in L.A. He spat on me then threw soup at my head,

 - Ashlin, 29

I bought meet and greet passes for Kanye's last tour and he was a jerk. I spent all that money and he shoved me when I asked for an autograph.

 - Leland, 34

I used to be a waitress in Beverly Hills when I was in college. Kanye once came in and was one of the worst customers we had ever had. He was disrespectful, made a mess, and didn't leave a dime for tip.

 - Ilana, 28

I asked Kanye for an autograph after a promo show he did. He asked how to spell my name. I told him. He misspelled it.

 - Shanquiara, 41

I attended the VMAs when Kanye interrupted Taylor. The poor girl was crying and humiliated. Kanye is such a joke, yet he claims he made her "famous." Grow up and admit you ain't shit.

 - Bethany, 37.

My best friend used to be Kanye's personal assistant. He said he once ordered him to order a bowl of oatmeal at a gas station then he dumped in down my friend's shirt.

 - Karl, 26.